Jens Zeuner

Jens is regsite representative of
After his studies in Psychology and North American Literature, Culture and Language, Jens became a physical therapist with international experience and is now a member of The McKenzie Institutes U.S.A. and Germany and of the International Academy of Orthopedic Medicine.
He owns various enterprises in Germany and the U.S.

As a teacher for the worldwide renowned McKenzie Institute, he needs to send and receive large amounts of sensitive data internationally, thus speed and comfort in data transfer are crucial to him. 
It became apparent that there was a need for WinRAR, and that especially in the U.S. it was by far not known enough!
Thus, Jens decided to start with the help of Tom and later Sven from Hamburg/Germany.
For Jens, the idea of continuing support and updating is essential to his philosophy of Together with our free 40 days testing phase, this is supposed to be the best deal you can get in the data compression marketplace!

In his spare time, Jens takes care of his family and loves to work out with friends on their race-bikes, in their running shoes or in his own gym. Jens' private homepage in Germany: Rose-Zeuner Physiotherapie

You may contact Jens via mail.

Dr. Thomas Wassmer

707 E Siena Heights Dr Apt. 15
Adrian, MI 49221

Dr. Tom Wassmer holds a Ph.D. in Biology, works as assistant professor at Siena Heights University and provides various IT- and science-related services in his spare time.

Tom is responsible for WinRAR's educational program.

Tom's WinRAR shop / Tom's shop for resellers
Tom's private homepage:

You may contact Tom via e-mail.

Sven Dunker

Sven is the latest member of the team. He is an office manager in real life and at he is responsible for monitoring our email accounts and for processing your order in time.

Sven works and lives in the heart of Hamburg, Germany.

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You may contact Sven via mail .